Hiroyuki Itsuki "Muriki" Book

Hiroyuki Itsuki "Muriki" Book

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無力 Muriki
Shinchosha (Japan) 2014
Shincho-shinsho 514 (Used Book), book cover
size : 11.0 x 17.3 x 0.9cm 140g
condition : EX(One light crease on the cover)
language : Japanese

A novelist Hiroyuki Itsuki's essay on modern society with his own unique point of view. Is it based on the ideas of Shinran and the Lotus Sutra?

The time has finally come to say goodbye to "power". What kind of attitude should we have in the future in this country where all values are shaking and declining? Shinran, who preached absolute altruism, Hanada Seiki, who advocated the idea of ellipse, the origins of culture traced in exiles, the practical art of living for the day, and the changing shape of death. ...... A total of eleven chapters showing the final destination of the ever-deepening view of humanity.

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