Alex Vilenkin " The Search For Other Universes" Book

Alex Vilenkin " The Search For Other Universes" Book

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日経BP社 (Japan) 2007
978-4-8222-8293-6 (Used Book) First Edition, Book, Obi, Cover
size : 13.6 x 19.4 x 2.0cm 450g
condition : EX(Cover edge slightly scratched)
language : Japanese

The latest cosmology as of 2007.


The universe is both infinite and finite, evolving yet static, eternal yet with a beginning. There is a planet exactly like Earth in some distant realm, with continents that have the same coastline and terrain as Earth, inhabited by the same creatures as Earth, including our clones. Billenken, who proposed the creation of the universe from nothing, talks about the latest cosmology and research on the multiverse and the anthropic principle.

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