Atsuo Fujimoto “Dokonimonai Land” CD

Atsuo Fujimoto “Dokonimonai Land” CD

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najanaja (Japan) 2010
FJCD-1001 (CD) jewel case. w/obi.
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

Atsuo Fujimoto, known worldwide for his work with Ichiko Hashimoto in the unit Colored Music, has been working on a variety of projects in recent years, including a full-length album released in 2010. The album is the result of the collaboration between Fujimoto and his close friends, including Ichiko Hashimoto, Mayumi Hashimoto, Mishio Ogawa, Hiroko Taniyama and AQ Ishii. The album is made up of 23 small songs that are the direct expression of ideas that come to mind. The music is a melting pot of bossa nova and various other imitations, but still with the unique body language of Atsuo Fujimoto. He is the only one who can do this without any hesitation. It's a strange, fun and unique world. He lives in nowhere land. Highly recommended.

TRK 20: ツール・ド・フランス feat. 橋本一子
TRK 21: 未来の竪琴 feat. Piera Savage
TRK 22: ポリリズム(Perform)

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