Edit by Wataru(W) “Cool Japan 01” Photobook+CD

Edit by Wataru(W) “Cool Japan 01” Photobook+CD

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Edit by Wataru(W)
Cool Japan 01
おなじ穴のMUJINA’S (Japan) 2017
COOL JAPAN 01 (Photobook+CD)
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

Wataru(W), a DJ currently based in Kyoto, has released a photo book titled "Cool Japan" with a mix-CD. Please enjoy the photo book, which captures the scenery of Japan with minimalism, along with experimental mixes that show a variety of aspects. (Chee)

Idea Reinterpretation Project "COOLJAPAN" is a trinity of "seeing, thinking and hearing". A world of emptiness and impermanence hidden in everyday life, cut out and passed through the filter of "heuge". Following the Esoteric Soundtrack Series "PARAMITA" by Wataru(W), Next Expression Methed. Watch, read, and listen. Watch, read, and listen to it, and I hope it will give you an opportunity to interpret "everyday life" in a more diverse way. Wataru(W)


Presides over Esoteric Soundtrack Series "PARAMITA" and Idea Reinterpretation Project "COOLJAPAN". He expresses a one-of-a-kind world through perverse sexual emotions that are piled on top of perversions. He is devoting himself every day towards an "Idea" that is outside of our understanding that we can never be trapped in.


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