Hoa Tau Co Nhac "Cung Thuong Hoa Dieu 3"

Hoa Tau Co Nhac "Cung Thuong Hoa Dieu 3"

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Hoa Tau Co Nhac
Cung Thuong Hoa Dieu 5
Saigon Audio (Vietnam) 200x
04962 (CD) Jewel case
sleeve : EX(Jewel case with some light surface wear)
media : NEW

This is an album by Hoa Tau Co Nhac, a group that plays traditional Vietnamese court music. Centered on the dang chaing, a type of koto, the ensemble includes dang ti ba, dang nhi, and other stringed instruments, as well as the sao, a transverse flute, to perform the court music called nha nhac, which was introduced from the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century and established during the Ruan Dynasty in the 19th century. Although it is a classic, the sound is not at all old-fashioned, and you can sometimes hear moments of sound and melody that can be considered modern. It seems that this music was once forgotten in Vietnam, but it is still being passed down as an intangible cultural asset. The music is very pleasant, and the lines of the first song are also very nice.

The first line of the first song is also very nice. This is a new item, but there are some thin scratches on the surface of the jewel case.

Trk 1: Phong ba dinh
Trk 6: Luu Thuy Truong
Trk 9: Phi Van Diep Khuc

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