Hoa Tau Co Nhac "Cung Thuong Hoa Dieu 5"

Hoa Tau Co Nhac "Cung Thuong Hoa Dieu 5"

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Hoa Tau Co Nhac
Cung Thuong Hoa Dieu 5
Saigon Audio (Vietnam) 200x
04962 (CD) Jewel case
sleeve : EX(Jewel case with some light surface wear)
media : NEW

This is an album by Hoa Tau Co Nhac, a group that plays traditional Vietnamese court music. This is the fifth album by Hoa Tau Co Nhac, as it is called "5". The group plays court ritual music called nha nhac using the dang ti ba, which is similar to the biwa; the dang chain, a type of koto; the dang nhi, a two-stringed upright stringed instrument; the sao, a transverse flute made of bamboo or wood; and the kim, a stringed instrument similar to the lute with a round body. The delicate ensemble of fine grained sounds and the melody of the oriental scale are intermingled in a very nice salty way, releasing sonic fluctuations. It is also interesting to see how traditional music has evolved over time, with the appearance of electric guitars modified for Vietnamese music, and an atmosphere similar to bluegrass.

This is a new item, but there are some light scuffs on the surface of the jewel case.

Trk 1: Loi gioi thieu
Trk 9: Vong co day kep
Trk 10: Khoc hoang thien

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