Jun Kitamura “Infinite”  Tape

Jun Kitamura “Infinite” Tape

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Jun Kitamura
Mastered Hissnoise (Japan) 2019
- (Cassette) Includes download code
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The latest release from Japanese cassette tape label Mastered Hissnoise is a mix by DJ Jun Kitamura, who has been running a deep techno/house party called "Outergaze" since the 1990s, has released excellent dance tracks on the same label, and currently runs a party space called "Knock" in Koenji, Tokyo. This is a mix by Jun Kitamura, a DJ who has made a great contribution to the Tokyo underground scene. The mix is based on shuffling rhythms and spins various styles of music with exoticism and elegance that only he can create.

Sample 1: Listen
Sample 2: Listen

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