Khac Tu, Luong Trong Quynh "Van Ca Thanh Mau 2"

Khac Tu, Luong Trong Quynh "Van Ca Thanh Mau 2"

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Khac Tu, Luong Trong Quynh
Van Ca Thanh Mau 2
Thang Long (Vietnam) 2006
01914 (CD) Jewel case
sleeve : EX(A few very small scratches)
media : EX(a very thin and small abrasion that does not affect the playback)

This is the second album in the "Van Ca Thanh Mau" series by Vietnamese label Thang Long. Each album seems to have a different performer, but this one features Khac Tu, a singer, and Luong Trong Quynh, a player of the two-stringed instrument dan guet. Dang Nguet is usually a scraped string instrument where the strings are rubbed with a bow or a stick, but this person seems to be plucking the strings with a small pick like a seashell, producing a sound similar to that of a shamisen. The music is completely ethnic, but it has a unique groove, and Khac Tu's voice is full of variation. The beat changes in the middle of the song, making for a very interesting performance. It is somewhat similar to Japanese folk songs and festival music.

Trk 2: Chau De Tam
Trk 4: Chau Luc

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