Litto Nebbia “Antologia 1971-2014” 2CD

Litto Nebbia “Antologia 1971-2014” 2CD

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Litto Nebbia
Antologia 1971-2014
World’s Trees Records (Japan) 2017
WSTS1002 (2CD)
sleeve : NEW(SS)
media : NEW(SS)

Litto Nebbia is one of the biggest names in the Argentine music scene, along with Spinetta and Charly Garcia, and his original analog recordings are always popular in our store. disc 1 is a collection of 33 songs from 1971 to 1980, ranging from acoustic folk rock to psychedelic rock, and featuring a variety of musicians who have contributed to the Litto Nebbia sound, such as Nestor Astarira, Jorge Gonzalez, and Ronald Reagan. Jorge Gonzalez, Rodolfo Mederos, Rodolfo Alchourron, Dino Saluzzi, Domingo Cura, and other famous Argentine musicians. disc 2 includes many collaborations released between 1981 and 2014, including Uruguayan artists such as Ruben Rada and the Fattoruso brothers, and Brazilian artists such as Helio Delmiro, Mauro Senise, Ze Renato, and the Ingramo brothers. The album features mainly crossover music. The album is also full of tracks that connect to the current Balearic/Mellow Groove scene, which has introduced synthesizers and drum machines. The content of this album can be widely enjoyed beyond the boundaries of South American music. Highly recommended. (Chee)

disc1-04: Cancion para Dino Saluzzi
disc1-08: Bazar de los milagros
disc2-03: Paso el circo
disc2-13: Minguilitto

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