GRADO Reference Platinum2

GRADO Reference Platinum2

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GRADO phono cartridge
Reference Platinum2

The Platinum2 is the entry-level model in the Reference series, the predecessor to the new Timbre series. The housing is made from Australian Jarra wood. It features four-piece OTL cantilever technology and is wound with UHPLC copper wire (Ultra High Purity Long Crystal). The needle tip is an artificial brass elliptical diamond. The frequency response is 15Hz-55,000Hz, and the wood body gives a very pleasing sound, with a speedy and extended sound field from low to high frequencies. This is the perfect step up from Prestige Gold.

Product features

Reference Series 2 is individually assembled at GRADO's factory in New York, USA, using the finest hand-carved Australian Jarrah wood. A very elaborate curing process is applied during production in order to achieve optimum sound quality. The generator/stylus mechanism of the Reference Series 2 is non-replaceable, which means that the newly designed magnetic circuit is a single mass, greatly reducing chassis resonance.

The Reference Series 2 further reduces the effective mass of the generating system, with a diamond-tipped needle tip produced especially for GRADO.

The sound reproduction is solid, powerful and stern in the bass range, while the midrange is rich and complex, providing the listener with a high degree of accuracy. Towards the top end, the treble seems to go on forever with its speed and outstanding grace.

MI (Moving Iron) type cartridge

Unlike MC (Moving Coil) and MM (Moving Magnet) type cartridges, MI type cartridges generate power by moving the magnetic metal mounted on the cantilever, and are positioned as a derivative of MM type cartridges. It is a derivative of the MM type. The light weight of the drive unit in power generation enables excellent transient characteristics and wide range reproduction.

Product specification

Frequency Response: 15Hz-55,000Hz
Principal: MI
Channel Separation at 1-30kHz : 30dB
Input Load: 47kΩ
Output : 4.8mV
Recommended Tracking Force: 1.5-1.9
Inductance: 30mH
Resistance: 660Ω
Weight: 10g
JAN code: 4528114116258

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