Panta Rei "Trollhymn"

Panta Rei "Trollhymn"

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Panta Rei
Dragon (Sweden) 1984
sleeve: EX-(Some rubbing and creasing on the sides)
media: EX-/EX-(Slight board distortion)

This is a masterpiece album released in 1984 by Panta Rei, a Swedish jazz quintet led by guitarist Erik "Puppe" Lundmark. Wet and pleasantly reverberant full acoustic guitar, cymbals echoing with delicate sound quality, taut wood bass, elegantly flowing piano melodies, and coolly blazing tenor saxophone with low tension. This is a wonderful contemporary jazz piece, with all the parts organically blending into a beautiful ensemble. The warmth that resides within this cool feel is irresistible. Great swiss! There is a slight distortion on the disc, but it can be played without any problem (checked with 1.5g Grado Prestige Gold needle pressure).

A2:Morning Song

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