Shun Nakaseko “Secret of Sound” Tape

Shun Nakaseko “Secret of Sound” Tape

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Shun Nakaseko
Secret of Sound
Weeding (Ireland) 2022
none (Cassette Tape)
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

A new cassette tape from Shun Nakaseko, in Ehime, Japan-based field recording artist and collector of insect sounds and wings, whose 2014 release Insect Orchestra was very popular at our store, has arrived on the Dublin, Ireland-based Weeding label. This is a pure field recording works, the A-side titled "Car Klaxion" was recorded at a huge intersection in Nepal that is considered one of the busiest in the country. It is a little over 22 minutes of chaotic assemblage of horns of various tones, whistles by policeman, and engine noises blaring from all directions. The B-side, titled "a Cricket in Sunflower," is a recording of the chirping of a lone cricket that wanders onto a boat between Matsuyama and Osaka and cries incessantly. No special equipment was used in the recording of either of these tracks, but they have a tremendous sense of realism. I have deep sympathy for Mr. Nakaseko's ears, which perceive random environmental sounds that occur around us as music. Choose from two types of artwork.

A: Car Klaxion
B: a Cricket in Sunflower

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