Steve Reich "Drumming" CD

Steve Reich "Drumming" CD

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Steve Reich
Elektra Nonesuch (Japan) 1996
WPCS-5054 (CD) Reissue, plastic jewel case.
sleeve : NM
media : NM

Steve Reich is arguably one of the most important composers in the history of contemporary and minimal music. Released in 1987, it is one of his masterpieces. Minimalist looping tuned drum phrases gradually change over time, layering on top of each other and sending the listener into a trance. The ultra-fast looping glockenspiel and the faintly audible whistle create an otherworldly atmosphere. A chain of overtones created by the successive strikes of the percussion instruments forms an unusual sound field.

TRK 1: Drumming Part I
TRK 4: Drumming Part IV

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