Noriko Miyamoto “Rush”

Noriko Miyamoto “Rush”

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Noriko Miyamoto
Trio Records (Japan) 1980
3B-1031 (LP) Original pressing. Promotional copy. w/insert.
sleeve : EX(SPSE: one very small damage on top edge, slightly wear on corner.)
media : EX-/EX(some slightly noises. A1 has one light click noises.)

An album released in 1980 by Japanese female jazz singer Noriko Miyamoto, who made her first stage appearance as a singer at the legendary disco MUGEN in Akasaka, Tokyo in the 1970s, after she made major debut through collaboration with bassist Isao Suzuki. This album was made with the luxurious lineup of songwriters and arrangers such as Tetsuji Hayashi, Kyohei Tsutsumi, Yuji Ohno, Iku Inoue, and Karuho Goto (Yumi Matsutoya), it also includes songs by Alan McGee and Marco Bruno, who wrote the lyrics and composed "Mystery Nile" released by Sandy O’Neil who is the singer of Sandii & the Sunsets in 1978. Tracks such as A1 arranged by Tetsuji Hayashi, which has an atmosphere similar to the insert songs composed by Yuji Ohno for "Lupin the Third," and A5/B5 in the style of US soul/disco manners, reflect the atmosphere of the time when disco-formatted songs and pop music were at their peak.

A1: Silver Rain
A5: Epilogue

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