Daisuke Matsusaka “Tsunehigoto/WAVE” CD

Daisuke Matsusaka “Tsunehigoto/WAVE” CD

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Daisuke Matsusaka
Off-Tone (Japan) 2021
OTCD-005 (CD)
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

This is the latest full-length album by Daisuke Matsusaka, a DJ, sound artist, sound engineer, and organizer of Japan's premier ambient festival Off-Tone, who is involved in a variety of activities related to sound and music. The album is an extract of the sound part of "Tsune Higoto Wave," a work of spatial acoustic art that he has been actively working on recently. It is an ambitious work of ambient music at its finest, spun in collaboration with artists such as Kaoru Inoue, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Hakobune, Kaito Watanabe, Kosetsui Imanishi, and Sound Furniture. This is the ultimate ambitious work of ambient music. Tranquil yet grand, it sincerely questions the nature of environmental music in the present and future. It is simply wonderful.

Off-Tone · 松坂大佑 - つねひごと・WAVE ~あなたが世界を鳴らしている~

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