Fumio Miyashita “Healing Music for Reiki” CD

Fumio Miyashita “Healing Music for Reiki” CD

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Biwa Records (Japan) 2005
BW-6623 (CD) jewel case, silver emboss print
sleeve : EX(1cm hairline on case.)
media : EX(one slightly and small hairline that does not affect to playback.)

Fumio Miyashita was a key member of Far East Family Band, Japan's first progressive rock band produced by Klaus Schulze, and since the band's dissolution she has been creating healing music based on ancient Japanese spirituals such as Buddhism and Shintoism. This album was released in 2005 on his own label Biwa Records. It is a musical expression of the therapy "Reiki" founded by Mikio Usui, and is a successor to the famous album "Tenkawa/Isuzu Hen", which was introduced in the guidebooks "Obscure sound - 640 selections of peachy sounds" and "Obscure Sound Revisited Edition". The album contains 8 tracks of new age music created with pure synthesizer sound.

TRK 1: Hikari
TRK 4: Visu-Dha

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