mixed by Dubinch “豊穣な音楽たち” Tape

mixed by Dubinch “豊穣な音楽たち” Tape

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mixed by Dubinch
Private (Canada) 2021
- (Cassette) Clear plastic case, with DL code
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

The latest mixtape from DJ Dubinch, who runs the famous Sound Bar Pure's in Asakusa, is now in stock. This is his first attempt at this kind of music selection, according to him. He says that this is his first attempt at this kind of music selection, but you can feel Dubinch's typical languidness from start to finish, which will come in handy during the warm season. It's also a good companion for driving. The artwork is by Cohshi, who works mainly in Tokyo.

Sample 1: Listen
Sample 2: Listen


The content of this album is far from the mindset of a DJ who makes the unspecified dance, and it consists of material that cannot be included in the playlist of DUBINCH in recent years. In addition to the content of the tape, which was created just for AOKI KOSUKE, who has shared his hobby and taste with him since the spread of the new corona infection, the jacket features a picture of Cohshi, who decorated the walls of Pure's with colors even during the difficult period of self-restraint. In addition to the private content of the tape, the cover features a picture of Cohshi decorating the walls of Pure's during the difficult period of self-restraint.


Started his career as a DJ in 2000. After the initial impulse of abstract hiphop, he moved into the heyday of data while exploring roots reggae. He suddenly entered the world of techno as a record buyer during the turbulent times of the record market demolition. At the same time, I spent tough days running around the city as a messenger in the metropolis of Tokyo and DJing at night in many clubs. More than ten years later, he opened Pure's, a small bar in Asakusa, Tokyo, and has been making up many miraculous nights up until now. The more crazy the times get, the more his positive toughness comes into play. He has released two mix CDs from his own label, mudisc, welcome (2011) and One's way Back (2012), and PureSelection, which consists of only forgotten items from the store after Pure's was launched.
In 2017, he and AOKI KOSUKE released one DJ mix a month throughout the year on mix cloud.

dj mix   hip hop   reggae  
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