Masabumi Tanaka “Synthesizer Philharmony”

Masabumi Tanaka “Synthesizer Philharmony”

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King Records (Japan) 1978
SKA242 (LP) w/obi, insert (some spots.)
sleeve : EX-(some slightly dirts.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This album was released in 1978 by Masashi Tanaka, a Japanese composer who was active in composing music for TV and radio dramas, as well as anime music in the late 1960s, including "The Golden Bat" and "Bem the Monster. The album was produced using Roland System 100/1000, Korg Polyphonic 3300S, Tesco Synthesizer and other analog synthesizers, Yamaha E-502 electric piano, Yamaha Electone D-2B, Kawai Electric Organ K-300 and other synthesizers. This piece was also introduced in the famous book "Synthesizer Music In The (Lost) World" by Yuji Tanaka. In addition to Masashi Tanaka, Ichiro Yamamoto and Tamayo Kuroda participated in the performance. This album was inspired by his old friend Isao Tomita, a giant of synthesizer music in Japan, who started working on synthesizer music. The sound quality is also very powerful. This is a piece with a high historical value, and a must-have for synthesizer music enthusiasts. The artwork is also very nice.

A3: 枯葉
A4: 白い恋人たち

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