V.A. "Sound Sensor II"

V.A. "Sound Sensor II"

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Various Artists
Sound Sensor II
Sony (Japan) 1977
YDSC 73 (LP) Promotional Copy. w/insert.
sleeve : EX+(slightly wear on corner, still good.)
media : EX-/EX(some slightly surface noises. A1 has small scratch that does not affect to sounds.)

In the 1970s, when Sony, one of Japan's top audio manufacturers, was manufactured the latest in record cutting technology, it used its own DP-Master Sound disc control technology to create a record that was not for sale. Side A contains three instrumental songs cut at 45 rpm using a master tape with a tape speed of 76 cm/sec. side B contains instrumental songs of popular songs of the time for karaoke. To put it bluntly, the content of this album is not important, but as I introduced in my guidebook "Obscure Sound," playing A2, which is a performance of Beethoven's "Ninth" by a mysterious group called Can-Can at 33 rpm, is surprisingly cool! The other two tracks on side A are also very orchestral lounge jazz disco.

A2: Can-Can "Symphony No.9" (33rpm +8)
A3: Time Cycle "Dream"

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