Amba Sanyal "Ritual Vocals of India"

Amba Sanyal "Ritual Vocals of India"

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Amba Sanyal
Ritual Vocals of India
PES (France) 1970
526 061 (LP)
sleeve : EX-(SRW, wear on corner, slightly color-faded.)
media : VG+/VG+(some light noises and click noises caused by light hairlines.)

This masterpiece by Amba Sanyal, a singer from Delhi, India, was introduced in the first edition of the guidebook "Obscure Sound." Released in 1970, this is Sanyal's only album. It features North Indian classical music, with original compositions by Serge Franklin, the director of this work. The album includes tracks like A1, where Sanyal's beautiful Indian chants intertwine gracefully with the dry rhythm of the tabla and the meditative melodies of the sitar. Particularly noteworthy is B1, which starts with a raga featuring the gentle drone of the tambura, gradually building in intensity with the beats of the tabla and the nuances of the chants. While it is well-known that Indian music has a cosmic quality, the extent to which this album expresses such a cosmic world, possibly due to the reverb effect, is truly remarkable. Highly recommended.

A1: Ram Dhun
B1: Tarana Maklauns

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