Jaime Llano Gonzalez “Las Cumbias Mas Lindas Del Mundo”

Jaime Llano Gonzalez “Las Cumbias Mas Lindas Del Mundo”

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Jaime Llano Gonzalez
Las Cumbias Mas Lindas Del Mundo
Zeida (Venezuela) 1979
ZLP-7082 (LP)
sleeve : VG(RW, SPSE/TOC: crack and tape on top and bottom, damage on two corners, color-faded, dirts.)
media : VG+/VG+(light scratch noises and click noises caused by light hairlines.)

This album, released in 1975 by Colombian composer and organist Jaime Llano Gonzalez, who had been active since the 1950s and led his own orchestra in the 1960s, is a unique gem. It features a full collection of electric old cumbia, with simple rhythms of Latin percussion and smooth bass lines, accompanied by the wistful melodies of a soft-textured electronic organ. The album exudes a "mondo" vibe throughout. There is a sense of affinity with the grooves of renowned Farfisa organ master Mike Dogliotti from Uruguay and Japanese Electone player Shigeo Sekito. Highly recommended.

A1: Navidad Negra
B1: Cumbia En Dominante

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