Manu Dibango “Anniversaire au pays”

Manu Dibango “Anniversaire au pays”

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Manu Dibango

Anniversaire au pays

Fiesta (France) 1978
362 009 (LP) coated sleeve.
sleeve : EX-(wear on corner, some color-faded.)
media : VG+/VG+(some light noises caused by hairlines.)

This album was produced to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the inauguration of the Republic of Cameroon’s first president, Ahmadou Ahidjo. The music was composed by Manu Dibango, one of Cameroon's most renowned musicians. The A-side features tracks with a tropical pop music vibe. The highlights are on the B-side, with B1 featuring smooth guitar and saxophone grooves over relaxed polyrhythms, and B3 boasting a spiritual blend of primitive percussion and marimba dancing over a bassline reminiscent of War’s classic "City Country City." While Manu Dibango is well-known for his funky tracks, his cool, jazz-funk compositions are particularly captivating. Highly recommended. The vinyl has many fine scratches, but they do not significantly affect playback.

B1: Gandoura
B3: Images de Famille

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