2022.12.3. SAT
at FORESTLIMIT (Hatagaya, Tokyo)

AURORA ARGENTEA (Ko Ishikawa, Nami Hotatsu)
Chee Shimizu + miku-mari

DJ :
Chee Shimizu

The live event culated by Organic Music and Chee Shimizu. The second installment is an evening of shimmering light of water, brightness of a star, overtones and resonance. AURORA ARGENTEA, a project by Ko Ishikawa, a world-renowned soloist of sho what is a traditional Japanese instrument using for Gagaku, and Nami Hotatsu, a singer/pianist with a shamanic voice, will have a performance since in 10 years, and SYNTH SISTERS, a synth unit from Osaka whose works released on 17853Records and EM Records have received high praise worldwide, will make their first appearance in a while. Chee Shimizu + miku-mari, an experimental ambient unit of DJs and improvising musicians, will take on the challenge of new acoustic experiments.

KODA bldg.102 B1, 2-8-15 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
date : 17:30- Sat, Dec 3rd. 2022
door : 2,500JPY(+ 700JPY drink ticket)



This is the latest project by Ko Ishikawa, who ia a performer of the sho, an instrument used in gagaku (ancient Japanese court music), and ancient songs, and is active not only in traditional music but also in a wide range of contemporary and experimental music in Japan and abroad, and Nami Hotatsu, who ran through new age, trance, pop, film and theater music with an ambient core at the dawn of Japanese club scene in the 1990s. They weave the melodies, echoes, and vibrations of ancient sounds that lie dormant in consciousness into a mythology of sound using electronic instruments, ancient music, and voice.

Ko Ishikawa
He began performing the sho in 1990 and has appeared at music festivals in Japan and around the world. He is a member of the gagaku (Japanese ancient court music) group "Reigakusha". As a soloist of the sho, he is also active in a variety of fields, including improvisation. He has lectured at Wako University, Gakushuin University, and Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts.

In March 2021, he participated in the 24-hour streaming festival "ToBeContinued" based in Topolo, Italy, and in August 2022, he was invited to perform in the World Heritage City of Matera, Italy. In August 2022, he participated in the Fadiesis Accordion Festival in Matera, Italy.

Nami Hotatsu
She began studying classical piano at the age of four and graduated from Kunitachi College of Music with a degree in Musicology/Music. She has performed at Aoyama Round Theatre, Shibuya Jianjian, Tokyo Opera City Omi Gakudo, and other venues. She has been described by Haruomi Hosono as having "the voice of a shaman" and introduced as "Japan's Enya" by "STUDIO VOICE" magazine. Influenced by her father, who was a voice actor, she has produced music for many movies, dramas, plays, and events since the late 1990s, and recently she has been focusing on reading aloud as well.


Synth Sisters was born in 2007 as an odd name unit of RIE LAMBDOLL and MAYUKo of CROSSBRED, based in Osaka, Japan, who have been active since 2003. They create dazzling psychedelic drones with RIE LAMBDOLL's vocals guiding the deep, expansive meditative soundscapes created by the four synthesizers they both manipulate.
In 2007, they released an EP "go to spain with kabamix" from their own label "dovailife", and in 2011, they released "milky way" on CDR, which attracted attention secretly. The following year, a remastered version of the same album was released in vinyl on 17853 Records, a label run by CHEE SHIMIZU, and distributed worldwide by RUSH HOUR. In 2018, the second album "Euphoria" was released on LP/CD/distributed by EM Records. The album, created with only synths and voices, attracted music lovers all over the world with its colorful worldview different from that of "aube," and proved the deepening of Japanese synthesizer music from the underground.

Chee Shimizu + miku-mari

Chee Shimizu + miku-mari is the hybrid live unit of DJs and improvisers. In 2018, they performed with Yasuaki Shimizu and Rei Kunimoto just before their international tour, and in 2019, they will challenge improvisation live session with Atsuo Fujimoto and Ichiko Hashimoto of Colored Music. Since then, they has performed at festivals such as Camp Off-Tone and FFKT. In 2020, they released an album "Reconstructions" on the ESP Institute in L.A., which is a reconstruction of live recordings made using his unique method, and in 2021, a remix of their work for the Swiss guitarist Pablo Color was released.

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4-32-17-107/108 Shimoigusa, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 050-1428-8756 (Reception Hours Fri. to Tue. 15:00〜21:00)

organized by eeeoto
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