at KIWA (Tennoz Isle, Tokyo)
dip in the pool

DUO Mishio Ogawa, Tsuneo Imahori

DJ :

Live event curated by record store ORGANIC MUSIC and DJ CHEE SHIMIZU. The lineup includes the new COLORED MUSIC LIFE led by Atsuo Fujimoto and Ichiko Hashimoto, Miyako Koda and Tatsuji Kimura's dip in the pool featuring vibraphonist Manami Kakudo, and a DUO by Mishio Ogawa of Chakra and Tsuneo Imahori of Tipographica. This is a special night where Japanese legendary artists who have recently gained worldwide acclaim gather to perform music that transcends genres and is a musical gem.

Venue : KIWA (Tennoz Isle Tokyo)

Date : Sunday, 13th, October, 2022
Time:open 16:30 / start 17:30

Fee : Advance ticket 5,500yen / Ticket for day 6,500yen

(+1drink 500yen/All Seats Free/includes tax.)
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Live streaming : 2,500yen(includes tax.)
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"Colored Music" was born when Atsuo Fujimoto, who played rock, funk, and jazz and studied ethnic music, and Ichiko Hashimoto, who played free jazz and contemporary music, met and combined all shades. This continued in their musical careers, and this time, new members were gathered. MA*TO, who trained on the tabla in India and has performed with Chakra and Killing Time, and Tatatora Nishioka, who has performed with Naruyoshi Kikuchi, Naoko Eto, and others, have joined to create a new "Colored Music Life" that will once again produce colored music.

member :
Atsuo Fujimoto(b, vo) / Ichiko Hashimoto(p, vo) / MA*TO(tabla) / Tatatora Nishioka(tp, laptop)

dip in the pool

The electric duo of Miyako Koda (Vo.) and Tatsuji Kimura (Track) has been consistently creating unique musical worlds since their debut on the UK's ROUGH TRADE label in 1986. Recent activities include: 2018 Festivals and events in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. 2019 Participated in festivals in Paris, and held a one-man show in Stockholm. 2020 Around the World in a Day, a virtual world tour, be held in the time of coronavirus pandemic, dividing the world into three time zones, and distributed online to each zone. 2021: Released the single "What about this love" and the album "8rednow", and held a 3-city tour "Departures" in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Sapporo. "Departures" tour in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Sapporo. 2022: Held a series of high-resolution and immersive live events titled "Immersive voices - dip in the pool 2022 live" using KORG's Live Entreme, the highest sound quality delivery system in the industry. The second event, "Immersive voices - dip in the pool 2022 live Immersive voices 2nd set" will be held on December 04 at Shibuya WWW.

DUO Mishio Ogawa, Tsuneo Imahori

Mishio Ogawa (singer), born in Kawasaki City, Japan. Debuted in 1980 as a vocalist of Chakra. Her unique voice attracted attention, and she participated in Wha-ha-ha and Haniwa All Stars, and was used in many commercial songs. In 1991, she made her full-fledged solo debut with EPIC SONY, releasing three albums and a music video "4 to 3 Pictures" by film director Jun Ichikawa. After performing the theme song for the movie "Tsugumi" and the anime "Rojin Z" and participating in Haruomi Hosono's Love, Peace & Trance and touring Asia with the "Asian fantasy orchestra," she formed the band "Uzumakimaso" in 1997. Released three albums including "Uchujin" from the independent label AGOGA RECORDS. Currently active with "Ogawa Mishio 4to3Band," the band "TOTONOTTA," "Fu Tautafu" (layered voices), "Ryote no Hana" with Takeshi Shibuya and Mari Kaneko, and guest vocals. Her DUO with Tsuneo Imahori has been going on since 2013. Her job is to find a piece of cosmic truth that cannot be fully expressed in words and put it on a song.

Tsuneo Imahori picked up the guitar at the age of 12 and became a fan of British trad. music, later studying music theory under Masahiko Sato and Takashi Kako. In 1986, he formed his own band, Tipographica. In '89, he established a composition method to put "accents and fluctuations" on grooves with segmented scores, taking a hint from the rhythms that he felt were accented at that time, which he was exposed to during Yosuke Yamashita's Africa tour. In his current band, "unbeltipo," he invented "elastic rhythm," which can be interpreted in a complex way by modulating tempo and bar lines, and is still cultivating it. Since 2009, he has been expanding his unit with Akira Toyama in order to create a foundation for further "unknown sounds". All of this is motivated by curiosity about the evolution of music, and his attempts to develop new interpretations of rhythm will continue in the future. In addition, as a small Duo and Trio, he has been performing with Ogawa Mishio, Keisuke Ohta, Toru Tenda, etc. As a support, he has performed works by Yosui Inoue, Yoko Kanno, Taku Iwasaki, etc. As a composer, he has created music for commercials, animations, dramas, etc.

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2-1-3 Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

TEL : 03-6433-1485 (Reception Hours 13:00-21:00)

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4-32-17-107/108 Shimoigusa, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 050-1428-8756 (Reception Hours Fri. to Tue. 15:00〜21:00)

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