Lily "Don't worry, Don't "

Lily "Don't worry, Don't "

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Express (Japan) 1978
ETP-80019 (LP) w/obi, insert.
sleeve : NM-
media : EX/EX(some light noises.)

This is the sixth album released in 1976 by Japanese singer/songwriter Lily, who has left behind a number of famous albums ranging from folk to rock to city pop since her debut in 1972. The album was recorded in LA, following "Love Letter" and "Auroila", and was co-arranged by saxophonist Kosuke Kida and keyboardist Marcus Duke, and backed by the LA team Nothing Serius. The slow grooves A1/A5/B5 feature an emotional string ensemble, and the groovy rock sound with a hint of the West Coast colors the entire album.

A1: 気にしないで
A5: 帰ってこなかった人
B5: 太陽を消せば

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