Music Department of the Imperial Household Agency “The World of Gagaku”

Music Department of the Imperial Household Agency “The World of Gagaku”

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Nippon Colombia (Japan) 1976
WZ-7017 (LP) Obi, insert
sleeve : VG+(SPSE/TOC:7mm crack in the outlet / tape repair)
media : EX+/EX+(Some parts may have a slight dust noise)

This album was released in 1976 and features a performance of Gagaku (ancient Japanese court music) by the Imperial Household Agency's Music Department from Nippon Columbia's "Hogaku Seisen 40" series, which introduces a variety of Japanese music from nagauta, dance, and rakugo. According to the description, Gagaku came to Japan in the 8th century via Indochina, Persia, China, and Korea, and fused with ancient Japanese music such as Kagura, Toyu, Kume Mai, and Yamato Mai. It is a large ensemble of woodwinds, percussion, and strings, with strings such as koto and biwa performing the basic rhythmic functions and woodwinds playing long chords. Japanese people are familiar with this music, and I'm sure they've heard it before, but listening to it again, it's so-called "drone music," with a lot of overtones being released, and it's quite moving. The recording is excellent, and the sound almost swallows you up.

A1: 平調 五常楽 急
B1: 太食調 傾盃楽 急

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