Sho Jo Tai "Forever 2001"

Sho Jo Tai "Forever 2001"

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Forever 2001
Broadway (Japan) 1985
I5PL-6 (12") insert
sleeve : EX+
media : NM-/NM-

This is the second 12-inch single released by the three-member idol group Shoujo-tai in 1985. The highlight is "Flamingo Island" on the B1. The song is written and arranged by Jun Sato, and features excessive synth programming that sounds like a mix of Blakon and Human League at the time, layered with Masaki Matsubara's guitar, Eve and Darec Lane Jackson's English chorus. As with the previous year's 12" single "Escape," which I introduced in my "Japanese Rarities Disc Guide," this is a complete dance track that ignores the presence of the girls. I was amazed by the excellent sound production, which was constructed with great precision. The "Coffee Rumba" phrase that appears in the latter half of the break reminds me of a coffee machine at a highway parking lot. B2 is a colorful YMO-style synth-pop song written and arranged by Miharu Koshi. It's also very well done. There's a glimpse of the great man himself...

B1: Flamingo Island
B2: Space Magic

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