Miki Fujimura "Yume-Koi-Bito"

Miki Fujimura "Yume-Koi-Bito"

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夢・恋・人 / 春 mon amour
Bourbon Records (Japan) 1983
BMA-2032 (7") w/company papaer sleeve
sleeve : EX-(very slighty dirts on lyric card.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly noises.)

This was featured at "Warealic Disc Guide" book, the 7-inch single released in 1983 by Miki Fujimura of Candies, a three-member idol group active in the 1970s, a few years after the group disbanded. It was the first single cut from her first album "Yume Koi Bito". Both sides were written by Takashi Matsumoto and composed and arranged by Haruomi Hosono, and the A-side is a synth-pop song in the same vein as Akina Nakamori's "Kinku," which was released the same year and also composed and arranged by Hosono. The B-side, "Haru mon amour," is a mid-tempo oriental synth-pop song with a distinctive drum-machine beat and a synthesizer that mimics the sound of a sitar. Hosono's production is unique in the way he sneaks in his own taste and the way the scale modulates. Please listen carefully to the backing track.

A: 夢・恋・人
B: 春 mon amour

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