Eiichi Kamata / Keiichi Miyagawa "Hakata Katchiri / Iwai Medata (Minyo)"

Eiichi Kamata / Keiichi Miyagawa "Hakata Katchiri / Iwai Medata (Minyo)"

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鎌田英一 / 宮川康一
博多かっちり / 祝目出度
Crown Records (Japan) 1969
CW-8049 (7”) w/company paper sleeve
sleeve : VG+(lyric sheet: PCOH,TEOC,WC,crease,color-fade, label of sise B: SOC)
media : VG+/VG+(surface noise)

This 7-inch single was released in 1969 and contains two “MInyo” folk songs from Fukuoka Prefecture. The A-side song, "Hakata Kachiri-bushi" was sung at the “Bon-Odori” dance held at Santochoji Temple in Nangaku, which was founded by the Buddhist priest Kukai. The B-side song, “Iwai-Medata” is also called "Hakata Iwai-Uta” and is a folk song sung mainly at celebrations in Hakata. The song is said to be sung up to the third verse, and then ends with a single closing phrase called "Hakata Te Ippon”. Please pay attention to the performance of this song.

A: 鎌田英一 "博多かっちり"
B: 宮川康一 "祝目出度"

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