3 Mustaphas 3 “L’Orchestre Bam”

3 Mustaphas 3 “L’Orchestre Bam”

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3 Mustaphas 3
L’Orchestre “Bam” De Grand Mustapha International And Party
Globe Style (EEC) 1986
FEZ 002 (LP)
sleeve : EX-(Light stain, crease on one corner)
media : EX-/EX-(a slight dust noise,A2/B2:a few slight petty noises caused by very small scratches)

This is an album released in 1986 by 3 Mustaphas 3, an indeterminate Middle Eastern music group formed by the Mustaphas family from the village of Shegereli, deep in the Balkan Peninsula. According to information on the Internet, the group mastered various music and languages from around the world while performing as a box van at a local 24-hour club, and established a style with a multinational feel. With a large Balkan orchestra including string ensemble, piano, accordion, synthesizer, etc., in addition to the main members of the band, this album is a very enjoyable presentation of colorful dance music with exotic emotions, sublimating rhythms with various elements such as New Wave, Ska, Africa, Turkey, North Africa, and Mediterranean. As with their other works, they are a really interesting band.

A2: O memetis
B2: Ainy lala/Ah ya assmar el lawn

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