Akina Nakamori “Fushigi”

Akina Nakamori “Fushigi”

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Warner Pioneer (Japan) 1986
C28A0570 (LP) Black vinyl, w/obi, insert.
sleeve : EX+
media : NM-/NM-(some very slightly surface noise, still fine.)

This is included in the guidebook "Walearic Disc Guide". This is a monstrous album released in 1986 by Akina Nakamori, an idol who, along with Seiko Matsuda, dominated the Japanese music scene in the 1980s and whose musicianship is also highly regarded. Produced by Nakamori herself and produced by Eurox, a New Romantic band, who also produced the sound and arranged many of the songs, the production team also includes Minako Yoshida, Sandii, Makoto Kubota and Akira Inoue. The whole album is a new wave of dance tracks with electronics, showing off Nakamori's artistic side. It is a hidden gem that deserves to be re-evaluated in the public eye, even if it's already getting a lot of attention in the current underground scene. This is the rarely seen standard black vinyl, complete with obi and booklet type insert. The sound quality is comparatively higher than that of the commonly available picture disc.

A1: Back Door Night
A3: Labyrinth
A5: 幻惑されて

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