Akrema "S.T."

Akrema "S.T."

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Igre Slobode
SMA Records (Holland) 1981
SMALP 001 (LP)
sleeve : EX-(Corner wear, slight fading)
media : VG+/EX-(Some light dust noise)

This is the only album by Akerema, a group led by percussionist Ponda O'Bryan, which was released in 1981 as the first album in the catalog of SMA Records, a Dutch label that has been releasing quality African music including PI-Man & Memre Buku. Ponda O'Bryan has left some great works in Africa Djole with Fode Youla and others, and also in 1987 under the name of Ponda O'Bryan's Drum Ensemble on the same label. On this album, a total of seven members of the percussion ensemble perform traditional West African rhythms using various African percussion instruments. This album features a primitive sound with unique polyrhythms and chants created by multiple intricately intertwined beats. (Chee)

A6: WenuWa
B6: Akrema

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