Alex Oriental Experience "Live!"

Alex Oriental Experience "Live!"

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Alex Oriental Experience
Wiska Records (Germany) 1991 LP 004 (LP)
sleeve : EX-(SRW,TEOC,薄い汚れ)
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise in some parts)

This album was recorded live in Germany in 1980 by Alex Oriental Experience, a project of German sazoo player/vocalist Alex Wiska, who has been in contact with Can members such as Holger Czukay. Plank is the recording engineer for this album. The exotic and organic melody of the sazoo is accompanied by a heavy-bottomed rhythm section that gradually ramps up the tension, while at the same time creating a controlled groove. The band's unique rock sound is similar to that of Wolfgang Barthel of Germany, who also released a compilation album on Growing Bin Records.

A2: Turkish and American Blend
B2: Kismet

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