Alien Sex Fiend "Ignore The Machine"

Alien Sex Fiend "Ignore The Machine"

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Alien Sex Fiend
Ignore The Machine
Anagram Records (UK) 1985 12ANA11 (12")
sleeve : EX+(Corners very slightly scuffed)
media : EX-/EX(A:a slight distortion that does not affect the playback)

Alien Sex Fiend, a gothic punk band from London's Batcave nightclub featuring Nick Fiend (vo) and Chris Fiend (key), released their first album "Who's been Sleeping in My Brain" in 1983. This is a 12" single cut from their first album "Who's been Sleeping in My Brain". The dark heavy dance beat is a mixture of decadence and chaos, and the distorted guitars stirring up the noise as if they were swelling, destroying the dance floor late at night. B1/B2 are the legitimate sound of UK punk, inherited from Sex Pistols. B1/B2 are the UK punk legitimate sound inherited from the Sex Pistols, although it's strange to call punk legitimate.

A1: Ignore The Machine
B2: I’m not Maf

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