Ameer Khan “Raga Marwa / Darbani Kanada”

Ameer Khan “Raga Marwa / Darbani Kanada”

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Ameer Khan
Raga Marwa / Darbani Kanada
His Mster’s Voice (India) 19xx
EALP 1253 (LP)
sleeve : EX-(WC, light dirts on back.)
media : EX+/EX(some slightly surface noises, still good.)

This album was released in 1960 by Ustad Amir Khan, a historical singer born in Indore in western India, who is considered to have revolutionised Hindustani classical music. It is a super-meditative raga with a baritone voice covering three octaves of exquisite oscillations, using patterns and movements called turns, backed by a long sustained tampura drone and a slow pausing tabla. The raga on the B-side, called 'Darbani Kanada', is a composition by Amir Khan himself.

A: Raga Marwa
B: Darbani Kanada

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