Andre Jaume “Saxanimalier”

Andre Jaume “Saxanimalier”

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Andre Jaume
Hat Hut Records (US) 1979
sleeve : EX+
media : EX-/EX-(Some wrinkle reflections on the inner sleeve that do not affect the playback sound.)

Since his recording debut in 1975 with Francois Couturier and Fred Ramamonjiarisoa, French saxophonist Andre Jaume has been active since the mid-1970s and has worked with many jazz musicians including Daniel Humair and Charlie Mariano. Side A features a 13-minute, 40-second bass clarinet solo, and Side B features two tenor saxophone solos. Side B features two tenor saxophone solos. (Chee)

There are some reflections of wrinkles from the plastic inner bag on the board, but it does not affect the playback sound.

A1: Theme for Michel Redolfi
B2: Saxanimalier

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