Anna Domino “Take That”

Anna Domino “Take That”

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Anna Domino
Take That
Les Disques De Crepuscule (Belgium) 1985
TWI 586 (12”)
sleeve : VG+(SOC,SPSE:4cm crack in the center of the back)
media : NM-/EX+(Some parts may have a slight dust noise.)

A 12" single released in 1985 by Tokyo-born American female singer Anna Domino, one of the Crepuscule label's mainstays along with Antena, and the first 12" cut from her second album "Anna Domino" released in 1986. The first track is a dance tune with a Euro disco vibe, featuring sparkling digital synthesizers and electric piano. B1 is a mid-tempo melancholic synth-pop song with round percussion rhythm and fine sound makeup, and B2 is an instrumental mix of A1 with floppy sound.

A1: Take That
B1: Koo

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