Axolotl "Outmanoeuvre"

Axolotl "Outmanoeuvre"

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Cryonic Inc. (France) 1984
INC 1254 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(RW,corner rubbing)
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise)

This is the second album released in 1984 by Axolotl, a French experimental jazz group that left two albums in the early 1980s. Member Lambert Boudier is a percussionist who also played on Hector Zazou's 1985 masterpiece "Reivax Au Bongo", which was featured in both the first and revised editions of OBSCURE SOUND. He is also a percussionist on Marc Hollander's Crammed Discs and Art Zoyd's 1985 masterpiece Reivax Au Bongo. Compared to the first album, which had a lot of free jazz elements, this album has more of a new wave flavor, but it is still very interesting for its freaky and avant-garde sound with strange electronic sounds.

A5: Visite...
B4: Decervelage

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