Baaba Maal “Taara”

Baaba Maal “Taara”

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Condition Guidelines

Baaba Maal
Syllart Production (France) 1990
SYL 8395 (LP)
sleeve : EX(slightly wear on edge, slightly collapse on one corner.)
media : EX/EX(very slightly wear on both side that does not affect to sounds.)

The album was released in 1990 by Senegalese singer/percussionist Baaba Maal, who began her musical career under the influence of Griot's Mansour Seck and became internationally popular during the world music movement of the 1980s. The album features Senegalese pop with a distinctive high-pitched voice dancing over a talking drum beat and a vibrant horn section by percussionist Massamba Diop, who has played on many of Baaba Maal's albums. It's a mostly live instrumental performance, but with an unusually precise beat. In addition to the title track, we also recommend the Afro-Reggae B3, which has a griot twist to it.

B2: Taara
B3: Maayo Wadi Dyam

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