Barrabas "Piel de Barrabas"

Barrabas "Piel de Barrabas"

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Piel de Barrabas
VIP (Italy) 1981
VIP 20277 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(RW,SPSE:5 cm tear on the top, rubbing on the sides/corners)
media : VG+/VG+(Some light dust noise due to minor scratches, label: DJS)

This album was released in 1981 by Barrabas, a Spanish funk rock group whose first album, Wild Safari, was released in 1972 and is known as a dance classic. The album contains a number A1 featuring a tight rhythm section and resonant synthesizers, as well as danceable Latin rock with slightly muffled vocals and funky grooves with a hint of country. The rhythm section with slow-moving percussion and groovy electric piano and synth hooks on A4 is highly recommended. There are some minor scratches on the vinyl and some light dust noise.

A1: On The Road Again
A4: Please Mr. Reagan, Please Mr. Breznev

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