Batista du Groupe Digital “Dynamita!”

Batista du Groupe Digital “Dynamita!”

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Batista du Groupe Digital
Singamalon Productions (France) 1994
SY 1250 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(SPSE:Top surface missing about 5cm, top surface/corner rubbed)
media : EX-/EX-(a slight chirping noise due to thin scratches)

This album was released in 1994 by Batista du Groupe Digital, a group led by Michel Batista, a black Creole singer living in France. As the group's name suggests, the album features live instruments such as drums, percussion, bass, guitars, and horn section, as well as digital synthesizers, creating a Latin/Caribbean flavored digital afro throughout. A1, a Latin-style digital dancer, has a unique Creole melody line that is similar to that of Frank Valmont et Syncro Rhythmic Eclectic Language, which was introduced in the guidebook "Obscure Sound: 640 Great Soundscapes". A2/B2 is highly recommended. The chord modulation from major to minor that can be seen in Haruomi Hosono's series of song works may be an influence from Caribbean music. There are some moments like that in this album.

A1: Kite Melem
A2: Joui La vie
B2: Man Man

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