Blancmange "That's Love, That It Is"

Blancmange "That's Love, That It Is"

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That's Love, That It Is
London Recordings (UK) 1983
BLANX 6 (12")
sleeve : EX(Some side/corner light wear)
media : EX+/EX+(Some parts may have a slight dust noise.)

Side A is a 12" single cut from the 1984 album "Mange Tout" by Blancmange, a British synth-pop duo consisting of Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe. Side A is a new romantic synth-pop with a speedy rhythm of synth drums, bleepy synthesizers and high-edged electric guitars in the vein of Georgio Moroder. Side B is a cosmic electro track with a hard synth-drum downbeat, glittering synthesizers, and ethnic Indian and Koranic Arabian voice samples. The laughing voice sample that appears from time to time is also bizarre and awesome. Original UK release.

A: That's Love, That It Is
B: Vishnu

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