Boban Petrovic "Zora"

Boban Petrovic "Zora"

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Boban Petrovic
Disco not Disco (Germany) 2014
DND-001 (LP) Original Inner Sleeve
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

This is the first release from the label started by Schwabe, Luka and Vanja, the crew of Disco not Disco, a party held at the best club 20/44, which is a converted boat on the Danube River in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia (former Yugoslavia).
Boban Petrovic released only two albums and a few singles in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The album is a masterpiece of floating mellow disco/funk to electronic new age, featuring spacy and dreamy sounds of mysterious analog synthesizers that give a unique atmosphere of Eastern Europe with a link to Miha Kralj, another former Yugoslavian synthesist. The album is a masterpiece. This is a remastered version with newly adjusted sound quality and pressure. There is a crease on one corner and a 5mm crack on the top surface due to the packaging problem at the time of import.

A2: Perlica
B2: Zajendno Srecni
B3: U Ludnici

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