Bombenga Wewando "L'Age D'Or"

Bombenga Wewando "L'Age D'Or"

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Bombenga Wewando
L'Age D'Or
Kagi Production (France) 198x
KP 087 (LP)
sleeve : NM
media : NM/NM

Bombenga Wewando was a member of Grand Kalle et l'African Jazz and led the Orchestre Vox Africa in the 1960s. This seems to be a mid-80s album. It features Kiandinga "Ringo", a member of the Bobongo Stars, whose Afro-psychedelic album "Makasi" was featured in the guidebook "Obscure sound" 1st edition, and Carlito Lassa, who has played guitar on many Ringara Pop albums. It is contained from the African rumba with strong Cuban influence, to the soukous with its sublimated Nigerian juju. The live instrumentation is in the style of Congolese music of the 70's and the chorus work is very pleasant from start to finish, making this a great album of rumba congolese with a tropical atmosphere. Beautiful copy.

B1: Moseka
B2: Ekila

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