Byung-ki Hwang “Kayakum Masterpieces”

Byung-ki Hwang “Kayakum Masterpieces”

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Byung-ki Hwang
Kayakum Masterpieces
SEM Gramophone (South Korea) 1978
SEL-100 069 (LP) w/original inner sleeve.
sleeve : VG+(dirts on back.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This is the first volume of the <Masterpieces> series released in 1979 by Hwang Byung-ki, a master of the gayageun, a traditional Korean stringed instrument. The music is not avant-garde in sound like "Masterpieces III> that I introduced it on the guidebook, but rather a leisurely enjoyment of the slow, floating melody and tone of gayageun with its unique minimalism played with a large drum called janggu, which is played by tapping with a bachi (a wooden mallet). Like Laraaji, who was discovered by Brian Eno in the '70s, this music is folkloric, yet ambient. It is wonderful. Highly recommended.

A1: Forest
B1: Fall
B3: Chimhyang-moo

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