Cassell Webb "The Thief of Sadness"

Cassell Webb "The Thief of Sadness"

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Cassell Webb
The Thief of Sadness
Venture (UK) 1987
VE6 (LP)
sleeve : EX(very slightly wear on edge and corner.)
media : EX/EX-(some slightly surface noises.)

This is the second solo album released in 1987 by Cassell Webb, an American folk singer from Texas who was a member of the garage rock group The Children. Produced by Craig Leon, an American composer who has worked with Ramones, Blondie, and many others. It's a folky new age work with an ethnic feel, with a laid-back pastoral melody of acoustic guitar and synthesizer, traditional folk A1 with an added Irish folk essence, and contemporary minimal music B2 with tense violin melody and electronics.

A1: Nailed To The Wall
B2: The Dancer's Song

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