Chari Chari “Luna De Lobos EP”

Chari Chari “Luna De Lobos EP”

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Chari Chari
Luna De Lobos EP
Seeds And Ground (Japan) 2021
SAGV036 (12”)
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

The first in a series of 12" remixes by creators working in a variety of genres and styles of music for tracks of Chari Chari, the project of long-time DJ and creator Kaoru Inoue. It features a remix by Kuniyuki Takahashi, a trusted international artist based in Sapporo, as well as remixes and reproduction tracks by Inoue himself. Excellent productions with continental sounds and views of the third world. The sound quality is meticulous.

A1: Luna de Lobos (Kuniyuki Remix)
B1: Luna de Lobos (Prophet’s Harmonic Drone Mix)

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