Cheer-Accident "Sever Roots, Tree Dies"

Cheer-Accident "Sever Roots, Tree Dies"

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Sever Roots, Tree Dies
Complacency (US) 1988
CPD 02001 (LP) insert
sleeve : EX-(SRW,Part of side/ corner rubbing, crease)
media : EX/EX-(Some parts have slight dust noise/light dust noise)

This album was released in 1988 by Cheer-Accident, a group formed in Chicago, U.S.A. in 1981, consisting of Dante Kester (b), Jeff Libersher (g, tp, vo), Evelyn Davis (vo, keys), and Thymme Jones (dr, tp, vo). This album was released in 1988. This album was released in 1988 by Cheer-Accident, a group consisting of Davis(vo,keys) and Thymme Jones(dr,tp,vo). B2 has a mysterious slap bass beat with distorted guitars, falsetto vocals and freaky drums. B2 has a great middle section with freaky vocals and drums, and B3 has a cool straight-ahead alternative rock sound. This album contains experimental rock with a progressive development, mixing a contemporary flavor with piano, and creating a dark matter space with a strong attack rhythm section and thunderous electric guitar. (Chee)

B2: Heaven
B3: Black and White

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