Chikuzan Takahashi “Tsugaru-Shamisen 1981”

Chikuzan Takahashi “Tsugaru-Shamisen 1981”

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津軽三味線 1981
CBS/Sony (Japan) 1981
30AG 422 (LP) Master Sound Original inner sleeve, Insert (faded)
sleeve : EX+
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise)

This is the fifth in a series of albums by TAKEYAMA TAKAHASHI, who made the Tsugaru shamisen famous throughout Japan, for CBS/Sony. A1 is a shamisen rendition of "Yosarebusi," a traditional folk song from the Tohoku region, which Takeyama is said to have cherished throughout his life. In addition to this, the album features shamisen performances of other Aomori folk songs, such as "Shamisen Jonga" and "Tsugaru Ondo," all performed with a lively, improvisational style. The last piece on the album, "Iwaki," is a wonderful 11-minute improvisation that shakes the soul while freely manipulating the rhythms and phrases that form the core of the Tsugaru shamisen. This is a digital recording using the latest master sound technology that Sony was proud of at the time.

A1: 三味線よされ
B3: 即興曲 岩木

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