Chris Hinze with Symphony Orchestra “Mirror of Dreams”

Chris Hinze with Symphony Orchestra “Mirror of Dreams”

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Chris Hinze with Symphony Orchestra
Mirror of Dreams
Keynote (Holland) 1982
KYT 735 (LP) Original Inner Sleeve
sleeve : EX-(SPSE:Top surface peeled off by about 1cm, some light stains)
media : EX+/EX(a slight dust noise)

This album was released in 1982 by Chris Hinze, a Dutch flutist who has been active since the 1970s and has left behind many works that transcend genres from folk music, electronic music, and new age/meditation music, while maintaining a foundation in jazz. This album features pianist Louis Van Dijk, vocalist Wanda Stellaard, and the London Symphony Orchestra, and fuses Bach and Baroque music with elements of film music by Ennico Moriccone and Jean Musy. The album also features A5, an insert from the 1975 film Under the Old Stairs, with music by Ennrico Morricone, and Michael Jackson's 1979 album Off the Wall. The combination of Louis Van Dijk's electric piano and Chris Hinze's flute on B1, composed by Tom Bahler and covered by Michael Jackson on his 1979 album "Off the Wall", is very nice.

A5: Per le antiche scale
B1: She’s out of my life

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